Superfood Science®is a natural product brand by Atlas World USA, Inc.

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superfood science dogs and cats fortify your pet's immune defenses loaded with beta glucans that can activate your pets immune cells to identify and eliminate harmful microorganisms
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superfood science hassle free feeding directions each capsule contain 300 mg feed 1 capsule per 10lbs body weight per day feed capsules or pull capsules apart and sprinkle on food
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Agaricus Bio® Immune Support for Dogs and Cats Pet Supplement

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A healthy pet is a happy pet. Give your pet the support it needs to stay cheerful and active with Agaricus Bio for Dogs & Cats. Specially formulated with organic Agaricus blazei mushroom, Agaricus Bio for Dogs & Cats is guaranteed to bring some pep back in your pet’s step.

Your dog or cat will love our natural Agaricus blazei Murrill mushroom supplements! Our formula contains USA-grown ingredients. Each serving contains high amounts of beta-glucans, making it one of the most potent and effective pet supplements on the market. You won't find a more pure or effective pet supplement anywhere else. Give your furry friend the gift of good health today.

  • 60 pull-apart vegetable capsules per bottle
  • 300 mg of proprietary Agaricus blazei powder per capsule
  • Made with 100% USDA certified Agaricus blazei mushroom
  • All-natural and vegetarian-friendly
  • Contains only human-grade ingredients
  • Easy to feed
  • Best for pets under 40 lbs
Feeding Instructions
  • Feed 300 mg (one capsule) per 10 lbs of body weight
  • Feed up to 1.2 g daily