Essential Reading for Dog Parents

The Veterinary Cancer Society has found that one in four dogs will develop cancer at some point, and almost 50% of dogs over the age of 10 will develop cancer. It's important to note that certain dogs are more susceptible to cancer and may develop it at a younger age. Recent research indicates that male dogs and intact dogs are diagnosed with cancer at younger ages than female dogs and neutered dogs, respectively. Furthermore, large-breed and purebred dogs are at a higher risk of developing cancer at a younger age than smaller breed or mixed-breed dogs.

We highly recommend that you get your hands on the book, 'Help Your Dog Fight Cancer', written by Laurie Kaplan, MSc. This book is an excellent resource for learning about home care options for dogs with cancer. Laurie is an animal writer and former editor of Catnip magazine, published by Tufts University of Veterinary Medicine. She is the founder/administrator of Magic Bullet Fund. This non-profit organization provides financial assistance to owners who have dogs or cats with cancer but cannot afford treatment fees. The fund has helped hundreds of pets and their families needing assistance. In her book, she shares both conventional and alternative treatment options, as well as diets and her personal experience of helping her dog, Bullet, fight cancer. You can download the book at

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