Agaricus Blazei Mushrooms For Fat Metabolism?


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     Although Agaricus blazei Murill is seemingly just a small mushroom, it is full of anti-inflammatory, immune support, and antioxidant properties which make it a popular dietary supplement for people around the world. A specific extract from this mushroom, called Agaricus Bio® Super Liquid, is manufactured by hot-water extraction so that the mushroom’s phytonutrients can be easily absorbed in the body 1. Recent studies have shown that Agaricus blazei extracts like this can increase plasma adiponectin levels in rats, but what does that mean for us?


     Human bodies are full of adipose tissue where our energy is stored in the form of fat.2 Adipose tissue also secretes an important protein called adiponectin. Adiponectin is thought to play a key role in managing metabolic processes, including fat and sugar metabolism, inflammation, and cell growth, as well as managing insulin levels.3 Even though it seems like a good idea to have energy stored for those extra-long work days, low levels of adiponectin and a high amount of fat in our cells can actually lead to metabolic problems like insulin resistance and inflammation. In fact, plasma adiponectin levels are lower in individuals with excess fat which leaves them at a higher risk for developing metabolic disorders. Luckily, agaricus blazei mushroom liquid extract has been shown to reverse these effects.


     One study showed that rats given Agaricus Bio® Super Liquid had healthier body weight than rats without this extract. In the experiment, each rat had unlimited access to water and food, although half of the rats were given regular food and half were given 45% high-fat food.1 For 20 weeks, dedicated researchers watched and recorded the rats’ behaviors (how fun is that job!) and the results were impressive. Obviously, the rats given high-fat food gained weight compared to rats given regular food, but high-fat rats given Agaricus Bio® Super Liquid had less fat and similar body weights to rats just given regular food. Most interestingly, all the rats had similar movements around their cages during the day, but the rats given Agaricus Bio® Super Liquid had more energy at night than others. This activity caused them to have lost more weight than their high-fat counterparts.

     The rats also had their blood drawn periodically to measure hormone levels. The high-fat rats with Agaricus Bio® Super Liquid had a significant increase in plasma adiponectin levels compared to all groups at the end of 20 weeks. All of the data suggests that the mushroom extract was acting like an adiponectin supplement which gave the rats a faster metabolism and caused them to lose more weight than the rats with high-fat food.


     Overall, it is clear that Agaricus Bio® Super Liquid is able to promote weight loss despite a high-fat diet because of its ability to increase energy and activity levels. The extract also increases adiponectin levels in the blood, which leads to healthier levels of insulin and faster metabolism of sugar and fats. Although the studies were done primarily on rats, a similar result has been illustrated in humans1. Therefore, mushroom extracts like this are perfect to support metabolic health in animals and humans of all ages.




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