Superfood Science®is a natural product brand by Atlas World USA, Inc.

Company Mission

Atlas World USA, Inc is committed to our customers’ and employees’ pursuits of wellness and happiness by promoting and providing natural solutions for healthy living.


The Happiness of Our Employees Are Our Priority

This might sound strange.

You’d think that our priority would be our customers. But actually, here at Superfood Science, we prioritize the happiness of our employees.


Because we believe that if our employees feel happy, fulfilled, and taken care of, they will make it their priority to ensure they’re delivering the very best standard of customer satisfaction, which in turn rewards both our business and employees.

Happy Employees

We’re Invested In Your Unique Journey

Everybody’s health journey is different.

And rather than just sell you our products, we actually want to build a relationship with our customers.

We love hearing from you and learning about how our products have helped transform your life.

It’s what keeps us motivated.

Health is multidimensional and we are always eager to offer additional guidance and support.

Trainer assessing health goals

We All Live And Breathe Our Mission

Everyone who works here at Superfood Science is passionate about our products.

We all prioritize our own inner health. Because why would you want to buy something from someone who is not in alignment with their brand?

Health and wellbeing is at the core of this company and every single one of us is on a daily mission to pursue our own wellness routines such as learning, exercising, eating well, and caring for loved ones and neighbors.

Employees doing push-ups

The Proof Is In The Product

We don’t use gimmicky sales tactics or have big advertising budgets.

We pour all of our resources into providing the best quality products for you. And then we let it speak for itself.

Our brand has grown through word of mouth, results, and customer value.

Superfood Ingredients

We’re Always Learning And Evolving

There’s no time for complacency.

As a company, we’re constantly looking for new ways to spread our mission or develop our products.

Mother nature is abundant and it excites us to discover new ways to use her resources, so that we can help you serve your life purpose and achieve your full potential.

Family having fun