Budget-Friendly Health Hacks for Busy People

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Who wouldn’t benefit from being a little healthier? However, in this fast-paced, overstressed world, who has the time to work out every day and cook elaborate healthy meals? Believe it or not, you do. Being healthy might seem like an expensive, time-consuming hobby to many, but in reality, you can boost your overall well-being in simple, affordable ways. Here are a few ideas to explore if you’re looking to build healthier habits on a budget.


Incorporate More Movement in Your Daily Routines


Being active can seem too time-consuming for many people, especially those who are balancing a lot of responsibilities. However, daily activity is the foundation for staying healthy. Exercise keeps skin glowing by keeping it hydrated. You can prevent osteoporosis by strengthening the muscles that strengthen posture and improve memory by improving sleep — your body’s natural recovery mode after a workout. These benefits aren’t just for marathon runners and weightlifters.


People that don’t participate in high-intensity workouts but prefer yoga or Pilates instead can also eke out more than just fitness from their routines. Yoga, which relieves stress, can reduce cortisol, a hormone partially responsible for skin blemishes. And sweat also helps to purify your pores, which might help prevent some unsightly breakouts.


If you’re too busy to consistently carve out time for exercise, think of adding in as opposed to adding on. For example, see if your company will cover a treadmill desk so you can walk your way through work. Download a free app like 12 Minute Athlete to practice a home-based HIIT workout during your favorite TV show. If you don’t have time to hit the gym or yoga studio and have to work out at home, make sure your home and workout space is clean and decluttered. Clutter and messes can cause anxiety and make you lose focus and motivation.


If you’re retired and on Medicare, you can sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan, which often covers wellness programs. Many plans not only provide wellness programs for enrollees, but they also focus on your overall well-being by covering dental, vision, and prescription medications. If your Original Medicare coverage doesn’t help with these costs, it may be time to consider a switch, especially while open enrollment is in full swing. Even more to the point, since exercise is crucial for seniors, some Advantage and Medigap plans offer access to the SilverSneakers program.


Prioritize the Health of Your Skin


Our skin is our first line of defense against so many health hazards, from the sun to pollution to bacteria. Healthy skin might seem cosmetic to some, but it truly can play a substantial role in your overall health and healing. More than 70 percent of your body is comprised of skin, so protecting it can significantly help protect the rest.


For example, skin plays a role in passing nutrients into organs, while also expelling toxins. If your skin is damaged or unhealthy, that affects the quality of those exchanges. Your skin is your body’s first filter, so protecting it from the cancers that arise from unprotected exposure to the sun not only prevents unsightly hyperpigmentation, but you’ll also protect the rest of your body from developing the disease.


As your first line of defense, your skin needs to stay hydrated to stay powerful. That’s easy enough on any budget. You can use food journaling apps on your phone, like MyFitnessPal or SparkPeople, to monitor your daily water intake. To help make this a habit, you can keep a reusable stainless steel water bottle from Superfood Science at your desk, in your car, and by your bed. That way, no matter where you are — or how busy you are — you can prioritize staying hydrated.


Creating and maintaining healthy habits shouldn’t have to cost you time and money. Think creatively and stay focused on your goal so you can develop ways to prioritize your health in ways that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and budget.

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