What to Do as the Coronavirus Spreads

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The World Health Organization has officially declared coronavirus a global pandemic. However, that does not mean we should run to the stores and buy up all the hand sanitizer or toilet paper. What it does mean is that it’s important to arm yourself with information and to know what to do in case you or a family member become sick. Here are some resources that can help.


Assessing the Threat


The coronavirus is scary, but there is some good news. Kids tend to avoid complications, and most symptoms are no worse than the flu or seasonal allergies.


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Slowing The Spread


Do you know how to slow the spread of germs and viruses? There are many ways, including washing your hands and avoiding close contact with others when you are sick.


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Keeping Yourself Safe


If you do get sick, your best bet is to keep things clean and stay put. And thanks to the digital age, you can do everything from see your doctor to grocery shop without ever leaving home.


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Another great way to lower your risk of infection is to make sure you fortify your immune defenses. Products that contain Agaricus blazei mushroom are a great way to naturally support your immune system by increasing macrophage activity—which plays a vital role in your body's own ability to seek and destroy foreign particles such as viruses and bacteria. Here are some agaricus blazei immune products that we recommend:


Most healthcare providers believe the coronavirus outbreak will begin to slow as the weather warms. However, until then, it is our responsibility to assess the threat, take steps to slow the spread, and to keep ourselves safe at home when we do show symptoms. The above links are great resources that can arm you with the tools and information you need to get through this sick season with your health — and sanity — intact.



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