8 Ways to Enhance Your Health That You Haven’t Tried

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Written by Jennifer McGregor

We all know that the best health comes to those who eat well and exercise. But, these are not the only ways to give yourself the gift of wellness. Keep reading for eight unusual health tips that you probably haven’t considered.

Cuddling under the stars

Cozying up to your partner not only releases oxytocin. This hormone makes you feel happy and in love; it can also help you bond while promoting sexual and emotional intimacy. You can take your snuggles one step further by camping with a double sleeping bag (which can also be converted to a single bag if you go out alone). A tent, flashlight, and other basic camping equipment will help you enjoy each other’s company under the stars throughout the entire night.

Taking turmeric

Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that supports muscle, joint, and cardiovascular health.(1) Superfood Science’s Vitality Rescue turmeric supplement also supports liver health and encourages antioxidant activity.(1)(2) Turmeric has been used in cultures across the world for generations. It is also used to provide support during a wound healing process, and turmeric may even help strengthen an immune system.(3)(4)

Float therapy

Flow therapy is relatively new in the world of stress relief and health. But, it can strengthen your immune system, help you sleep better, and reduce pain. Look for a float therapy center near you that offers appointments around your schedule. You can still consider Float therapy a safe option even if you can’t swim. The water is less than a foot deep and is very salt dense,  meaning it has a high buoyancy and can support your size and weight.

Hydration IVs

Even if you’re not an athlete, you want to hydrate yourself for everything from muscle recovery to digestion. Thrive Drip Spa explains that IV hydration therapy is more efficient and fully customized for your needs. Keep in mind here that the older we get, the harder it is for our bodies to stay hydrated because of the natural composition changes associated with age.


Fasting is the practice of depriving your body of food for a set number of hours. When you restrict what you take into your body, you may experience a decreased resting heart rate,  lower cholesterol, and increased insulin sensitivity. Fasting can also put your body into ketosis, which can promote weight loss. Don’t start this or any other diet without consulting your healthcare provider first.

Tai chi walking

Walking in itself is a great exercise. But, consider practicing tai chi on your walk to improve balance and reduce your risk of experiencing a falling accident, which is most common in older adults with mobility and balance issues. Contact your local senior center to find out if there are tai chi walking groups in your area.

Change your mattress

If your mattress is uncomfortable or more than a few years old, replacing it now can help you sleep better while eliminating dust and dust mites from your environment. Make sure to choose a mattress that matches your sleeping style. A firmer sleep surface is better for back sleepers while you want something softer if you favor your side. Quality sleep would improve your health.

Buy houseplants

Houseplants let nature in and can help reduce toxins in the air. Further, having plants within your view may even promote attentiveness while keeping your brain alert. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are plenty of houseplants that require very little care. Your local garden center can help you make a wise decision.


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