Five Benefits of Organic Dog Treats

superfood science organic chicken and turkey Peaking Dog treats

When’s the last time you went to a pet store and weren’t completely overwhelmed at all the choices for healthy dog treats?

Bully sticks? Lamb ears? Antlers! There’s an endless amount of treats.

How do you decide which treat is best for your dog?

Here’s a start: find a dog treat that’s organic, excellent for training, boosts your pup’s immune system, and is completely grain-free.

I’m talking about Superfood Science Organic Turkey Dog Treat Mini-Sticks.
These treats have everything that your pup could ever need.

Here are five reasons that you should give your dog organic dog treat mini-sticks.

1. They’re Organic and All Natural

These are organic dog treats comprised of only 9 ingredients. Featuring turkey as the first ingredient, followed by organic pea flower, organic molasses, and immune system-boosting mushrooms; these all-natural dog treats are guaranteed to be a healthy way to give your dog that extra boost she needs. They’re an excellent source of all-natural protein, helping your dog build strength and endurance. Plus, these are dog treats made in the USA, meaning that your purchase helps support a local company dedicated to helping all dogs of all ages and sizes!  

2. Mini-sticks are great for training

I don’t know if you’ve trained a dog before, but positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dog. Positive reinforcement means rewarding your dog for performing the desired behavior.

What better way to reward your dog than with organic turkey dog treats?

See, these Organic Dog Treats are mini-sticks, meaning that each treat is small enough to be a great reward for a trick well done! You don’t have to worry about overfeeding your pup when you’re focusing on training, as the bag has an excellent guide for how many treats you can feed your pup per day, based on their weight.

Each treat is around 1 inch long and can be easily broken into smaller pieces if you want to make your treat go a little further during training time.

3. Mini-sticks boost the immune system

One of the great benefits of these organic dog treats is that they’re chock-full of natural ingredients that work to boost your dog’s immune system. These treats feature Agaricus blazei mushroom, a natural superfood that has powerful immune-boosting powers.

This is great for younger pups and makes it one of the best dog treats for senior dogs, helping boost their immune system as they enter their golden years.  

4. They’re perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes

The all-natural, protein + superfood-focused recipe of these Superfood Science dog treats means that the mini-sticks are perfect for dogs young and old. Young dogs will build their muscles and immune systems, while older dogs will protect their bodies as they enter the next stage of their lives.

Their smaller size makes them perfect for younger dogs going through training, as they are large enough to get your pup’s attention, while not being so big that you’ll spoil their appetite.

These mini-sticks are the best dog treats for small dogs and big dogs, as their 1-inch length ensures they’re not too big for toy breeds, while still being an enticing treat for their larger brothers and sisters.

5. Dogs love ‘em

You can look through all manner of lists, but at the end of the day, what really matters is do the dogs love the treat.

And dogs love these treats.

Here’s a sampling of Amazon reviews:

Marie writes, “I’m picky about what I feed my older Cocker Spaniel. One bite and she went nuts.”

Another reviewer, LucyLu, says, “Jack loves them. We had not purchased turkey treats before, but since these had great reviews, were an organic superfood, and a product of the USA, I thought we'd give them a try. Jack loves the taste.”

The positive reviews are endless! Boba says that their “picky dog likes treats,” and additionally writes that, “My dog loves these treats. I love being able to rip them into smaller sizes for when I'm training younger dogs.”

To me, there’s nothing more convincing than the opinions of real customers, and the opinions of these mini-sticks are nothing but positive. They have a stellar 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon.

Wrapping up

Good pet owners do their research to find the perfect treats for their perfect pups. If you’re looking for organic turkey treats, look no further. These Superfood Science Organic Turkey Dog Treat Mini-sticks are the perfect treat for all dogs, no matter how big or small.

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