Five Interesting Facts About The Immune System

superfood science facts about the immune system to live healthy and happy life

Think you know everything about the immune system?

You might be surprised to learn the following facts about the immune system—your body’s natural defense against diseases and infections.

1) The Immune System Should Not Be Taken for Granted

Did you know that some people have no immune system?

Having no immune system is not due to disease. Some people are just born without or with very little ability to naturally fight infections.

It’s a condition that exists in 1 out of 100,000 births.

2) The Common Cold vs. the Immune System

Another interesting detail about immune health is that sometimes there are symptoms that are mistakenly believed to be a disease even though they are just a manifestation of the immune system’s functioning.

The best example for this is arguably the common cold. The cold itself is not the disease, but the sign of the immune system fighting the invasion of rhinoviruses on the epithelial cells that line the surfaces of your body.

What happens is that the immune system secretes histamines to dilate the blood vessels, enhancing their permeability to enable proteins and white blood cells access to the infected epithelial cells.

The symptoms are not caused by the cold itself, but rather by the body’s production of histamines to fight off the cold.

3) The Benefits of Bacteria

Did you know that bacteria in your stomach helps enable a healthy immune system?

The human body naturally houses trillions of bacteria and other microbes. Many of them are beneficial as they assist in digesting food and in synthesizing vitamins.

They also prevent pathogenic microorganisms from thriving in the epithelial and mucous tissues.

4) The Power of the Sun

Exposure to the sun is a great way to improve the functionality of one’s immune system.

Not only does sunlight aid in the production of vitamin D, but it can also improve the mobility of T-cells that are active participants in the body’s immune response.

5) Tips to Boost Immunity

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