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How Seniors Can Stay Physically Active

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As we age, the need for physical activity increases. Older adults are more likely to experience dizzy spells and falling because of balance issues but staying physically active can help seniors have a healthier, fulfilled, and happier life during their retirement years. Superfood Science presents some excellent tips to keep seniors healthy.

Include Exercise in Your Daily Routine to Stay Healthy

Exercise should be a crucial part of our aging-in-place plan because fitness helps enhance your physical and mental well-being. It can relieve stress, get rid of depression and anxiety, and even energize and boost your mood. Adding any amount of movement and exercise to your daily routine has tremendous benefits, and every little bit helps. So, here are a few safe ways for seniors to stay active during these uncertain times.

Volunteer at the Church's Social Gatherings

Although many churches have suspended in-person gatherings, some states have lifted certain restrictions, making social-distanced meetings possible. Helping around while being careful to stay protected can make you feel like you belong and bring positivity to your life. If your church creates such events, you can volunteer to handle the cleaning part or help with other activities. Volunteering is an excellent way to stay active, and getting involved in the community will likely help you discover new things you enjoy doing.

Take a Walk

Walking or even an easy hike is an excellent way to get into exercising. Whether it is a walk on the beach, around the block, or to the church, if it’s close enough, any amount of walking gives your lungs and heart a workout and improves your health and mood. You can even use a smartwatch to help you keep track of all the calories you’ve burned. Getting out of the house in a socially distanced way can give you the peace of mind you long for after so much time in isolation during the pandemic.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is one of the most common choices, but it is imperative. Whether you take part in the church's sports classes or do it at the gym or home, Diets Digest explains that fitness is vital for your physical and mental health. Try walking on the treadmill if you're going to the gym or look online for some indoor exercises if you're working out at home. Some indoor activities for seniors include playing Wii games, indoor walking, step exercises, and stretching. If you want a little more variety, try joining a few online classes, as many fitness trainers have packed their knowledge in courses to help others exercise from the comfort of their homes.

Regular physical activity is vital for reducing the risk of developing various health conditions and restoring balance. Besides improving your mood, Science Daily notes that regular exercise helps prevent chronic issues, dementia, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and more. In addition, exercise has also been proved to help prevent and reduce depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.

Go Shopping

Shopping is an activity that keeps you active without realizing it. While it may be a bit more expensive than a gym membership or an online fitness course, heading to the market or the store and walking around an hour or so to find what you need can help improve your heart rate and keep up your metabolism. If you love to cook, shopping for a few ingredients to prepare something can be the perfect way to show your appreciation and care. If you can, try taking the stairs instead of the elevators when possible. These types of walkways are far less dangerous than walking around the block, and you can get your errands done!


Dancing to music connects your body to healing and exciting rhythms. Singing songs you love boosts your mood and improves your physical health as you move on the beat. If you love to sing and have a talent for it, go ahead and try karaoke — not only will it help you enjoy the humor in your efforts, but it will impact your body and mind positively.

Fitness Has Many Benefits

Scientific studies show that enjoyable activities like fitness have numerous significant benefits for our physical and mental health. You can enjoy life by staying healthy and fulfilled with a regular activity that also improves your mood. Superfood Science also recommends you add Matcha green tea and Lion's Mane mushroom capsules to your diet. Both superfoods are also known to improve your mood.  

Written by Jennifer McGregor