Is Turmeric Curcumin Good For Heart Health?


superfood science vitality rescue turmeric curcumin good for heart health for joint and muscle pain

Your heart's wellness depends on the healthy innermost layer lining of your blood vessels called the endothelium. Preventing endothelial dysfunction reduces the risk of hypertension and other medical conditions that causes cardiovascular diseases (1). Curcumin, also called Turmeric Curcumin and Curcuma longa, aids endothelial function, and studies have shown that water extract of Curcuma longa (containing curcuminoids) supports blood circulation. High absorption curcumin helps to cut the build-up of fats and cholesterol on the walls of the arteries.

Turmeric is the herb from which curcumin is extracted and composes of about 2-6 % curcumin. Eating food-grade turmeric (or putting it in shakes and tea) can offer a wide range of health benefits. The particular turmeric curcumin preparation can enhance the absorption and retention of curcuminoids in your blood.

Many manufacturers formulate their turmeric curcumin supplements with a black pepper extract called Bioperine® to enhance curcumin absorption. A clinical study suggests that Bioperine increased the bioavailability of curcumin in a standardized extract of turmeric curcumin by 2000%.  

We at Superfood Science offer Vitality Rescue™ that is a potent, first-to-market formula of triglyceride-form omega-3 tuna oil combined with Bioperine® black pepper extract and a highly bioavailable curcumin extract called CurcuWin®. Bioperine was patented and standardized to contain 95% piperine.  A clinical study suggests that a formula of standard curcumin with the patented Bioperine can increase absorption and length of time for penetration into organs such as blood, heart, and muscle. Apart from black pepper, you can take bromelain, lecithin, or lipid (e.g., fish oil) with curcumin for even better absorption.

Curcumin supplements are available in capsule, powder, or liquid form; you can get it online, in drugstores, and in health-food stores. Turmeric curcumin can significantly improve heart and overall health as highly absorbable curcumin can help you achieve the same health goals with fewer capsules. With Vitality Rescue’s unique formula, just one pill a day can do wonders for your health.

The features of Vitality Rescue™ formula – Bioactiv Delivery System


What is it?



  • A novel curcumin formulation with clinically proven superior absorption that supports the health of the heart, brain, gut, joints, and immune system
  • It is manufactured with UltraSOL™’s proprietary technology that enhances, protects, and preserves curcumin.
  • 4600% better absorption than the major brand’s standard turmeric curcumin extract (2)

Omega 3 Tuna Oil

  • Tuna oil sourced from Iceland.
  • It contains 25% DHA and 5% EPA.
  • It supports heart, brain, skin, hair, and immune system health.
  • It is a natural profile of tuna oil-not concentrated.
  • It helps the absorption of curcumin.


  • It is a patented extract obtained from black pepper fruits (Piper nigrum) standardized for a minimum of 95% piperine.
  • It is a natural bioavailability enhancer.
  • Bioperine® improves the uptake of curcumin compared to other major brands' standard turmeric extract by 2000%.(3)






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