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In 2021, approximately 355,000 dogs and cats were killed in shelters [1]. People like Rich Avanzino, the father of the no-kill movement, and organizations like the Best Friends Animal Society dedicate their lives to advocating for the welfare of all companion animals. The no-kill movement asks for "a commitment from communities to take proper measures to save all healthy and treatable pets from unnecessary euthanasia," according to the Animal Humane Society [2]. The No-Kill 2025 campaign by the Best Friends Animal Society aims to make every shelter and every community no-kill by 2025.

Until then, approximately 6.5 million dogs and cats in the U.S. are surrendered to animal shelters nationwide each year [3,8]. While animal shelters provide a housing situation and food source for most animals, the social and environmental aspects of shelter life often risk the animal's welfare, especially their health. Immune function takes a toll as these pets experience spikes in cortisol living in a stressful environment [4]. Stress negatively impacts immune health and compromises the animal's overall health and ability to fight infections and diseases.

The best case scenario is to keep animals out of shelters whenever possible and to adopt before you shop. It's estimated that 4.1 million dogs and cats are adopted from shelters each year [3]. Rescuing pets can be a big commitment, and it is important to consider how an animal's current conditions may affect their transition out of the shelter setting. Perhaps the most important factor of them all is health. Frequently, when the pets are adopted, little is known about their health history. This could be due to a number of circumstances, such as a lack of information provided by previous owners or simply because the animal was picked up as a stray. Naturally, the lack of information causes some hesitancy about the adoption process and the commitment and responsibility involved.

The good news is that you can help your adopted pets recuperate their good health and strengthen their immune system. One way to do this is through Agaricus blazei Murill mushrooms (AbM), also known as Agaricus subrufescens, Agaricus brasillensis, Himematsutake, almond mushroom, and mushroom of life [5].

Agaricus blazei mushrooms have long been praised for their health features in humans. But did you know this healthy edible mushroom can also provide many health benefits for your furry companion? That's right. Studies have shown that Agaricus blazei can offer a range of benefits for your pets. Beta-glucans, polysaccharides, ergosterol, and other phytonutrients in Agaricus mushrooms may help support and restore weakened immune health.

Agaricus blazei mushrooms may be a natural and effective way to strengthen your pet's body from the inside. According to the natural product database of the National Cancer Institute and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, phytochemicals in AbM enhance immune cell activities such as that of NK cells and macrophages. A healthy immune response would promote the elimination of unhealthy cells and stimulate other parts of the immune system [6].

Agaricus blazei mushroom is safe for dogs and cats to consume and the palatability of Agaricus blazei pet supplements is excellent [7]. However, it is best to introduce the mushroom supplement to your pet gradually, as some pets may be more sensitive to the taste of mushrooms. Additionally, you may want to speak with your vet before introducing any supplements to your pets, especially if your dog or cat is taking medication or undergoing any treatment.

With that said, you might be asking, "Where can I find this seemingly-elusive mushroom, and how can I start incorporating it into my pet's diet?" Look no further than right here at Superfood Science. Superfood Science makes it easy to start incorporating Agaricus mushrooms into your pet's diet. Agaricus Bio Immune Support for Dogs and Cats contains capsules that can easily be pulled apart and sprinkled over your pet's food. Agaricus Bio Super Liquid contains Agaricus mushrooms in extract form, making it easy to feed to puppies and cats. Simply mix the liquid extract into their food or feed it directly into their mouth. If you're looking for something nutritious and delicious, reward your dog with Organic Turkey Dog Treats. Each mini-stick is made of 100% organic turkey and, of course, supplemented with organic Agaricus mushrooms to deliver the immune-boosting benefit to every good dog. Compared to other treats on the market, these organic turkey dog treats contain all-natural goodness to fortify your dog's health. Give it a try!

Adopting a pet is a life-changing moment for you and your new furry friend. They are fortunate to be taken into a warm, caring family and given the support they need to become their best healthy, happy selves. Of course, it'll put a smile on your face as well!











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